Malware Removal and Penetration Testing

With my premium services, I tend to your needs as an individual.
WhitePacket has the knowledge and experience to provide you with superb pentesting, virus removal, and penetration testing!

I’m experienced with penetration testing, and I’m great at removing malware. Contact me if you have had a recent virus infection or need web applications tested for vulnerabilities.


My biggest focus is information security. My reputation and understanding within infosec and the community behind it is why you should put your trust in me. You will be able to understand proper firewall setup and scheduled anti malware scanning so your business is safe from hackers.


Working hardware and software is a crucial part of any business. Let me take over the configuration process for you!


I’m based out of Calgary, Canada. However, I can be contracted from any location.


I’ve Worked With

Mr. Meunier was courteous and easy to work with after discovering a cross-site-scripting vulnerability in a public web site.

I rarely write testimonials, but Mr. Meunier (WhitePacket) is one of the exceptions. Some months ago we got a warning from an XSSposed report about a potential threat on one of our websites.  With a big concern from upper management and IT security, we were trying to patch the hole as quick as we could.  I was testing my luck and contacted WhitePacket directly as he was the original white-hat hacker who found the bug, surprisingly enough, he did respond! Thanks, WhitePacket (Christopher Meunier) for giving us the clear explanation and the valuable advice, we had the patch in a matter of just a few hours. I’m not in the position of representing my organization but from the bottom of my heart, I again thank Mr. Meunier for his hard work, rich knowledge, and the good heart of being a white-hat hacker.

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